Peer Mentoring Program and Online Tutoring Program

Role as peer mentor:


  • Peer mentor in PAC 442 (Internet and the American Life) (2x)
  • Peer mentor in PSY 323 (Adolescence Psychology) (3x)

Role to students

  • Assisted students with course related questions via the BB discussion forum and e-mail
  • Responded to students on the discussion forum to stimulate discussion and model appropriate feedback

Role to instructor

  • Forwarded student questions when necessary
  • Monitored and evaluated BB discussion board participation

Important Tips

  • Establish a relationship with the instructor and students
  • Know expectations of the instructor for the students and peer mentor
  • Know the boundaries between the peer mentor and students

Online tutoring program to support our online students:

Blackboard one-to-one tutoring appointments

  • Meet with tutor in student’s group page via the discussion forum
  • Post assignment instructions and assignment
  • Give feedback in asynchronous communication to work with students who cannot meet on campus or at a common time with the tutor

Elluminate one-to-one tutoring appointments

  • Meet with tutor in tutor’s V-Room
  • Share work via the application sharing feature in Elluminate
  • Give feedback in synchronous communication to work with student who cannot meet on campus but can meet at a common time with the tutor

Elluminate online workshops

  • Meet with group of students who register for a workshop
  • Instruct with PowerPoint slides imported into the white board
  • Interact with students by asking them questions about the slides and asking them to apply what they’ve learned via the white board

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